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Kindergarten and schooling

Kindergarten and schooling


Early childhood education is an important stage in human life, which largely determines their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. In Georgia early learning is provided by kindergartens which consist daycare, prekindergarten, kindergarten and preschool classes. Children from age of 5 are admitted to preschool classes were school readiness programme is implemented.

The kindergartens are municipal and private. Municipal kindergartens are free of charge from all additional fees as opposed to private kindergartens. Parents have to fill online application in order to enroll their child in a kindergarten. The application process is available only in Georgian.

Kindergartens in Tbilisi:

Kindergartens in Batumi:


General education in schools is carried out in accordance with the Georgian national curriculum, which is elaborated and developed by the national curriculum department of the Ministry of Education and Science.

General education can be obtained in educational institutions of public and private schools. The school curriculum includes the following subject groups:

  1. official language;
  2. mathematics;
  3. foreign languages;
  4. social studies;
  5. sciences;
  6. technologies;
  7. aesthetic education;
  8. sports.

Academic year at all general education institutions of Georgia starts on 15 September. If 15 September falls on a holiday or a day off, studies begins on the first following business day.

Full general education includes three levels and 12 years. The levels of full general education are:

1. Primary - I-VI grades;

2. Basic VII-IX grades;

3. Secondary - X-XII grades.

Primary and basic education is mandatory.

In order, to be admitted to the first grade of a public school, a child must be 6 years old by September 15 of the given year, however, this rule does not apply to private schools. Admission at school for the first-graders is performed through online registration.

  • Information on first-graders registration for 2020-2021 academic years is available here

Successful students can get education in a special schools located in Tbilisi.

These schools are:

European School - This is an international school where teaching is in English.

Vladimir Komarov Tbilisi School of Physics and Mathematics N199 - In this school the Exact and Natural Sciences are intensively taught. Teaching is in English and Georgian. The school admits basic and secondary grade students.

For the recognition of foreign general education, National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement verifies the authenticity of an educational document, issued by a foreign institution and establishes the compatibility of the qualification, contained in this document or the learning outcomes, attained during the period of study with the qualifications, existing in Georgia.

  • More information about the recognition of foreign education: