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In this section you can find useful information on daily life you need to know when moving in Georgia.


There are multiple ways to arrive and travel in Tbilisi.


To & From the Airport

Public bus number 37 runs between Tbilisi International Airport and Station Square via the city centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Buses depart every 30 minutes from the front of the airport departures hall. One-way fee is 0.50 GEL (50 Tetri).


City buses

The buses travel around the entire city and cost 50 Tetri. You can buy a ticket at the ticket machine in the bus or pay by a travel card - “Metromoney”. The ticket machine does not give change so the fare should be paid exactly. Buses run at fixed times from 7:00 till 24:00. Early in the morning and in the evening they run infrequently. Buses stop at specified bus stops.


The yellow minibuses (marshutka) travel around the city and usually cost 80 Tetri. You can pay directly to the driver or by a travel card - “Metromoney”. You can catch minibuses at any spot, as they have no fixed stops (except the city centre like Rustaveli and Chavchavadze avenues, there they stop only on bus stops). The passenger may ask the driver to drop him/her off at any place on the bus route he/she desires. Minibuses usually run from 7:00 to 24:00, however early in the morning and in the evening, they run infrequently.


Tbilisi Underground, called the Metro, has two lines and 23 stations. It operates from 6:00 to 24:00. The cost is 50 Tetri. To travel you can use only travel card - “Metromoney”



“Metromoney” card is a universal mean for payment in municipal transport (metro, bus, yellow minibus). It can be purchased at any metro station for 2 GEL.


“Metromoney” card automatically enables you to use discount system which gives opportunity to save money every day. Each passenger who uses “Metromoney” card while travelling by the public transport in order to pay the ticket fare is given a chance to pay 50 Tetri for the first – time travel and for next hour and a half he/she can travel by bus and metro, or during changing the other transport with free of charge.


More information see here





There are three main mobile and internet service providers in Georgia: Beeline, Magti, Geocell (now owned by Silknet).

Tbilisi has free Wi-Fi called “Tbilisi Loves You.” It is available at Tbilisi International Airport, throughout the terminal and helps you stay connected. It is also available in all the central areas of the city offering its residents and guests free wireless internet access.





Interaction with the state and access to public services is quite easy in Georgia. In order to receive a variety of public services throughout the country please visit:



The only legal means of payment in Georgia is Georgian Lari (GEL), simply called Lari.

There are many banks and exchange desks at your disposal for exchanging currencies. You can find them in airports, city centres and stations. ATM machines are accessible throughout the country.



If you have a serious accident or suffer from a health condition that comes on suddenly call the Emergency and Operative Response Center 112. The operator, regarding the call type, receives, processes and analyses incoming calls and transfers them to the relevant services. These services are:

  • Police
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Ambulance

112 receives emergency calls from all over Georgia via unified emergency number - 1-1-2 during 24-hours. The service is free of charge from all fixed line and mobile networks even if the number is disconnected from both sides or there is no SIM-card in the mobile phone.