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recognition of qualifications

recognition of qualification


If you wish to continue studying or researcher career in Georgia, your education document must be recognised and regarded as equivalent to a diploma issued by an authorised Georgian institution.

National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement is an authority which verifies authenticity of an education document issued by a foreign institution and compatibility of the qualification and accomplishments contained in this document with qualification recognised in Georgia.

There are following types of Recognition of Education in Georgia:

  • Recognition of general, vocational or higher education received abroad for persons pursuing career in Georgia. Find out more
  • Recognition of education of refugees, internally displaced people and persons who cannot prove their education or qualification as they had studied at institutions, which were liquidated or ceased educational activities. Find out more
  • Recognition of education received on occupied territories of Georgia. Find out more

Georgia recognises all universities which are recognised by their national authorities. Information regarding the status of higher education institutions of any country you can request here.

More information about education recognition